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About Us

A unique combination of innovation and  style through medical equipment providing  ultimate results and tailor made packages specifically for the individuals needs.

Our Story

In the last few years the cosmetology industry has been revolutionized through the availability of cost effective, non-surgical techniques to realize the potential of individual looks and health. Nikki Jane Kyle is the owner, founder and CEO of L&L Beauty Clinic 11 years ago she was head of sales and distribution and an employer of the Distribution company who supplied the equipment.

As years went on she  gained experience and first-hand information on the effectiveness and optimum results obtained through the treatment process delivered through extensive training, observation and clinical trials as well as testimonies of clients, salon owners whom she sold and distributed to.

Nikki Jane Kyle

Nikki received her certification to operate equipment through Aspiremed and went on to open her own Clinic where she consults and offers tailor-made , personalized treatment packages to suit each individuals specific requirements. L&L Clinic uses aesthetic and cosmetology equipment focused on the delivery of anti-aging, rejuvenation and enhancement procedures.

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